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New Build Family Home, West Sussex

First Floor

A new build family home in the heart of the South Downs.  Full interior design including space planning, bespoke joinery, decorations, finishes, all furniture and styling to create an elegant yet relaxed and happy family home. 


First floor bedrooms have been designed to reflect each family member's personality, with the guest room opting for calming botanical green and neutral palette.  The calming hues of the family bathroom take on the green blue horizon of the distant views of the sea.

Slindon 21.JPG
Slindon 22.JPG
Slindon 20.JPG
Slindon 81.JPG
Slindon 23.JPG
Slindon 24.JPG
Slindon 80.JPG
Slindon 83.JPG
Slindon 82.JPG
Slindon 26.JPG
Slindon 25.JPG
Slindon 73.JPG
Slindon 34.JPG
Slindon 35.JPG
Slindon 84.JPG
Slindon 85.JPG
Slindon 33.JPG
Slindon 29.JPG
Slindon 28.JPG
Slindon 78.JPG
Slindon 77.JPG
Slindon 27.JPG

The design for this new build family home in West Sussex truly reflects the client’s requirements, with meticulous attention to detail, budget and timeframe to create a relaxed yet luxurious home, combining individuality and practicality to create the ultimate forever family home.

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